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Putnam County Landfill, Tough Medicine Needed to Remedy the Ills

(Note: The information below is provided by the Republican Party of Putnam County)

Putnam County has a big problem! The closed unlined old Phase I Landfill is polluting the groundwater around the Landfill affecting neighboring private properties. The EPA mandates the County remedy the pollution. The only known remedy is to remove all the waste material from the Phase I Landfill and place in a lined Landfill.

How did we get to this point? The Putnam County Landfill was started in 1972 on 100 acres leased to the County by Hudson Pulp & Paper. This is referred to as the Phase I area. In 1985, Georgia Pacific deeded the 100 acres to the County divesting them of any responsibility for it. The Phase I Landfill was constructed using the trench and fill method with no bottom liner, the accepted way to construct landfills at that time. Phase I has been closed and “capped” (thick layer of clay plus top soil over top of landfill). We assume that the Landfill decisions made in the past were the best ones that could be made within the context of the time frame they were made and the Board of County Commissioners should be commended for trying to find solutions to the Landfill problem that face us now and will impact every resident.

A waste management firm, Republic Services, has entered a qualified bid to purchase 340 of the total 1200 acres which includes the Phase I and II Landfills. Our Commissioners now have a decision to make.

This issue significantly impacts every Citizen of Putnam County and the Republican Executive Committee of Putnam County strongly recommends that the Landfill issue be put before the Citizens of Putnam County in the form of a referendum at the earliest practical time.

County Commissioners can be reached by calling: 386-329-0200

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